Dr. Farhad Iranpour (UK) received the 2011 Patellofemoral Foundation’s Research Excellence Award

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8th Biennial ISAKOS Congress • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil • May 15-19, 2011 Patellofemoral Research Excellence Award The Geometry and Function of the Patellofemoral Joint Farhad Iranpour, United Kingdom The purpose of this study was to explore the patellofemoral joint in 3 dimensions, looking at its geometry, motion and stability. Abstract: Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the patellofemoral joint in 3 dimensions, looking at its geometry, motion and stability. This work aimed to establish a relationship between this joint and the tibio-femoral joint.   Method: CT scans of 40 normal knees were analysed using custom designed 3D imaging software. A frame of reference was defined, the flexion and extension facets were described in terms of spheres, and the offset of the extension facet sphere centres was measured relative to predefined landmarks. The locations and orientations of the groove and the trochlear axis were examined in relation to the conventional axes of the femur. As for the patella the relationships of various patellar dimensions were studied. In the next part of this study, the [...]

Dr. C. Benjamin Ma (USA) and associates received the Patellofemoral Foundation’s Research Excellence Award

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Once again the Patellofemoral Foundation has generously supported the efforts of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) to encourage research and expertise in the field of patellofemoral disorders. The Patellofemoral Research Excellence Award for 2009 has been won by C. Benjamin Ma and his colleagues Choongsoo Shin, Dana Carpenter and Sharmila Majumdar from the USA for their investigation of patellofemoral joint kinematics in anterior cruciate ligament deficient and reconstructed knees. The award consists of an honorarium whereby the research was presented at the Biennial ISAKOS meeting in Osaka, Japan and may be published in the Arthroscopy journal. For both this award and the Travelling Fellowship Awards, the number and quality of applications has increased substantially compared to two years ago, reflecting the success of the Patellofemoral Foundation in encouraging research and interest in disorders of the patellofemoral joint. ISAKOS is very grateful for the ongoing support of the Foundation. — Julian Feller FRACS Chair, ISAKOS Knee Committee 

2009-2010 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardees Philip Schoettle, Petri Sillanpaa and Christian Lattermann

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The aim of the Patellofemoral Travelling Fellowship is to promote better understanding and communication regarding patellofemoral pain. A stipend is provided by the Foundation to permit visits to several centres worldwide that offer opportunities to learn about the complexities of patellofemoral pain. This year four surgeons will be given the opportunity to benefit from this fellowship. Philip Schoettle from Germany, Petri Sillanpaa from Finland and Christian Lattermann from the USA will travel with Nicola Maffulli from England acting as their “godfather.”

2008 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Elvire Servien

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Traveling Fellow Elvire Servien Visits US and South Africa for Further Study As part of her traveling fellowship, Elvire Servien of Lyon, France visited three different surgeons in two countries on two different continents. Her report is provided below: In June of 2009, I went to the United States to meet Dr. John Fulkerson of Farmington, CT and Dr. Anthony Schepsis of Boston, MA. I saw different surgeries, including and MPFL procedure and Dr. Fulkerson’s osteotomy. But I also saw many patella-disorders I usually do not see in my practice. Indeed, when experiencing anterior knee pain in France, patients are referred to the physician for a rehabilitation protocol. We went to the lab with Dr. Fulkerson with his fellow and did an MPFL knee dissection on a cadaver. I also saw several antero-medialization osteotomies with a repeat of the anteromedial tibial tubercle transfer with Dr. Schepsis. The second interesting point was a very high rate of patients with previous lateral retinaculum release (two or three recurrent procedures) coming to see a “patella surgeon expert.” With Professor Schepsis, [...]

2006 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda

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Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda is a leading Japanese knee surgeon from Kobe, Japan. Dr. Kurosaka and manages a stem cell laboratory as well as a busy clinical practice. He is at the cutting edge of cartilage resurfacing research using stem cells. Dr. Kuroda visited Dr. Jack Farr and Dr. John Fulkerson in March of 2006 then continued his  fellowship with a visit to Dr Philippe Neyret and Dr. David Dejour in Lyon France in September of the same year. Picutured: Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda with Dr. John Fulkerson, Dr. Phillippe Neyret and Dr. David Dejour in 2006.  

2005 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Dr. Fred Almqvist

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  Dr. Fred Almqvist of the University of Ghent, Belgium was the 2005 Travelling Fellow.  Dr. Almqvist's fellowship allowed him to study with Dr. John Fulkerson (Connecticut, USA), Dr. Phillippe Neyret (Lyon, France) and Dr. Chris Ackroyd and Dr. Andrew Aims (United Kingdom).  Read about his experiences by clicking A personal review of the Patellofemoral Travelling Fellowship 2005 With the support of DJOrtho, Dr. Almqvist organized an international consensus validation meeting on patellofemoral pain in Florence on May 26, 2007.  

2004 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Dr. Jason Koh

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Dr. Jason Koh was sponsored by the Patellofemoral Foundation to do educational travel regarding the patellofemoral joint, as the 2004 Travelling Fellow.  He visited with Dr. Donald Fithian in San Diego, Dr. Chris Ackroyd and Dr. Andrew Aims in the United Kingdom and attended the 2005 meeting of the International Patellofemoral Study Group (IPSG).  

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