Congratulations to Michael McBrayer and DJO for receiving the PFF Distinguished Service Award!

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Congratulations to Michael McBrayer and DJO for receiving the PFF Distinguished Service Award! The BOD of the Foundation is grateful for almost 2 decades of support for our goals!

A Tribute and Thank You to the Patellofemoral Foundation Executive Director, Eric Dahlinger

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A Tribute and Thank you to the Patellofemoral Foundation Executive Director Eric Dahlinger Eric Dahlinger was one of the four founders of the Patellofemoral Foundation in 2003, along with Ivan Lendl, Peter Jokl, and John Fulkerson. After serving on the board and developing the foundation, he was appointed unanimously by the Board to be Executive Director of the Foundation based on his loyal hard work, experience, commitment and outstanding leadership skills. He has played and continues to play a major critical role in the successes of the Patellofemoral Foundation. He is well loved by many, especially those who work with him on the Board. We are very fortunate that Eric is our Executive Director! John P. Fulkerson. M.D. President The Patellofemoral Foundation

Mr. Eric Dahlinger named Executive Director

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The Board of Directors of the Patellofemoral Foundation has voted to offer the position of Executive Director to Mr. Eric Dahlinger. Mr. Dahlinger was a founding board member when the organization was started in 2002 and has served the organization with distinction and a high level of energy during that time. He has served as the Secretary for much of his tenure as a board member. Mr. Dahlinger will step down as a board member, but will retain the title of Board Member Emeritus. His responsibility as the Executive Director began on May 1. His responsibilities will include the completion and subsequent maintenance of the recently updated website for the foundation as well as ongoing efforts to continue and enhance fundraising as well as outreach to the community relevant to the organization's goals. The board president, Dr. John Fulkerson stated that "Eric has been a valuable partner to our success over the past 13 years and we look forward to his important and ongoing role as the Executive Director for the Patellofemoral Foundation. His success in business, his creativity, [...]

Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented to Drs Philippe Neyret and Scott Dye

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On March 27, 2015, the 2015 Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement were presented to Drs Philippe Neyret of Lyon, France and Scott Dye of San Francisco, California, USA at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting.

2009-2010 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardees Philip Schoettle, Petri Sillanpaa and Christian Lattermann

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The aim of the Patellofemoral Travelling Fellowship is to promote better understanding and communication regarding patellofemoral pain. A stipend is provided by the Foundation to permit visits to several centres worldwide that offer opportunities to learn about the complexities of patellofemoral pain. This year four surgeons will be given the opportunity to benefit from this fellowship. Philip Schoettle from Germany, Petri Sillanpaa from Finland and Christian Lattermann from the USA will travel with Nicola Maffulli from England acting as their “godfather.”

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