The Patellofemoral Foundation gratefully thanks all those who have supported the Foundation’s efforts over this past year

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The Patellofemoral Foundation gratefully thanks all those who have supported the Foundation's efforts over this past year, and extends special thanks to the Ronald Grelsamer Family (in memory of Ron's father Philippe); Smith and Nephew Endoscopy; Kinamed; Hartman Newspapers; The Alfred Trillat Fund courtesy of Philippe Neyret and associates (Lyon, France); and DJ Ortho for their exceptional support in 2009.

The Hartman Patellofemoral Reseach Fund Established

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The Hartman Patellofemoral Reseach Fund was established in recognition of Mr. J. William Hartman. Mr Hartman, president of Hartman Newspapers, Rosenberg, Texas, expressed unhesitating and early support of the concept and mission of the Patellofemoral Foundation with his generous Founding Benefactor pledge.  Mr. Hartman renewed his committment to Patellofemoral Foundation in July 2007 with pledge of support for the next five years. We truly appreciate his dedication to Patellofemoral Foundation's mission.  Computational Comparison of Tibial Tuberosity Anteromedialization vs. MPFL Reconstruction for Patellofemoral Instability John J. Elias, M.D., Andrew J. Cosgarea, M.D.  Medical Education and Research Institute of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO Orthapaedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD John Elias and Andrew Cosgarea have reported new and exciting results from their PFF funded research. In a computer model of knees with dysplastic trochleas, they have established that proximal realignment (MPFL reconstruction) creates greater patellofemoral articular loads than tibial tubercle transfer. This important work helps to further clarify the need for distal alignment in controlling patellar instability when the trochlea is flat and there is lateral tracking of the [...]

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