Congratulations to Michael McBrayer and DJO for receiving the PFF Distinguished Service Award!

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Congratulations to Michael McBrayer and DJO for receiving the PFF Distinguished Service Award! The BOD of the Foundation is grateful for almost 2 decades of support for our goals!

John Fulkerson receives the Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at Annual Board luncheon in Las Vegas March 15, 2019

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John Fulkerson receives the Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at Annual Board luncheon in Las Vegas March 15, 2019

PFF Holds Annual Board Meeting in New Orleans

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The Patellofemoral Foundation held its annual board meeting at the recent AAOS in New Orleans on March 9, 2018. Oceana Grill hosted the event which occurs prior to the annual luncheon and serves to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of PFF Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. This year the award was presented to Dr Robert Teitge of Detroit, Michigan.The Board continues to focus on education related specifically on diagnostic and treatment options for patellofemoral patients. Ample time was devoted to developing an effective, comprehensive, and high quality online education series.  The task is supported with the excellent volunteer support of several members of the International Patellofemoral Study Group (IPSG) that include Drs. Beth Shubin Stein (NYC), Seth Sherman (Columbia, MO), Jackie Munch (Portland, OR), and Adam Yanke (Chicago). The PFF Foundation Board of Directors at Oceana Grill in New Orleans.  

Patellofemoral Foundation hosts annual luncheon on March 9, 2018

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The Board of Directors of the Patellofemoral Foundation hosted its annual luncheon on March 9, 2018, in conjunction with this year’s AAOS in New Orleans. Oceana Grill provided a great meal and wonderful New Orleans atmosphere as the PFF awarded the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Robert Teitge of Detroit, Michigan.Dr. John Fulkerson, President of the PFF, thanked the many guests for their ongoing support of the Foundation’s goals and then introduced Dr. Teitge, while referencing a tremendous career that included many accomplishments that benefited the knowledge and treatment of the patellofemoral joint. Dr. Teitge delivered comments that reflected on his approach to research and use of technology in his practice.Also in attendance at the luncheon were prior recipients of the PFF Lifetime Achievement Award, Drs. Liza Arendt and Philippe Neyret, as well as numerous representatives from corporate sponsors. One of the goals of the luncheon is to show appreciation to those companies that have consistently and significantly supported the PFF.  Next year’s luncheon will be at the AAOS meeting in Las Vegas in March 2019. [...]

2017 Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

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{"file":"/easyblog_images/414/Lifetime-Achievement/2017","place":"shared"} The Board of Directors of the Patellofemoral Foundation were honored to present the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award to Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso MD PhD.  Dr. Sanchis-Alfonso works at the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova in Valencia, Spain. Prior recipients of the award, Drs. Elizabeth Arendt and Alan Merchant, attended the celebration luncheon to honor their peer. Dr. Sanchis-Alfonso was introduced by PFF board president, John Fulkerson MD who summarized his career work and significant accomplishments. The attendees were then treated to a heartfelt and poignant speech that was highlighted by an incredible accounting of dates and events that defined his career  passion for the patellofemoral joint. He mentioned that he still owns and cherishes his first communication from Dr. Fulkerson!

Annual Patellofemoral Foundation Board Meeting and Luncheon – San Diego, CA

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{"file":"/activities/2017_Meeting","place":"shared"} The 2017 Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting was held in beautiful San Diego this past week. The Board of Directors of the Patellofemoral Foundation recently held our board meeting and luncheon in San Diego concurrent with the 2017 AAOS meeting.  This year we met at the Oceanaire Restaurant located a few blocks from the San Diego Convention Center. Agenda items included updates on a number of ongoing projects and relationships with partners that include AANA, ISAKOS, and AOSSM.  The upcoming September 8-9, 2017 PFF/AANA Orthopaedic Learning Center course was discussed and significant time was given to ideas for providing residents and fellows with a focused course directed to teaching current and optimized options for treatment. The board was grateful and fortunate that corporate donations continue to support efforts to provide education. Dr. John Fulkerson reviewed the current list of sponsors noting especially the generous DJO Global commitment to donate $250,000 over 5 years.  Continued support from Smith & Nephew, Kinamed was gratefully acknowledged as well as the first year of support from ZipLine Medical. [...]

Dr Elizabeth Arendt receives the Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

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From left to right: Eric Jania, Eric Dahlinger, John Fulkerson MD, Elizabeth Arendt MD, Bill Post MD, Jason Koh MD, Andy Cosgarea MD From left to right: PFF Board member Dr. Joao Espreguiera , Award recipient Elizabeth Arendt, and PFF Board member Philippe Neyret. Patellofemoral Foundation Board member Dr Jason Koh with Dr Arendt. Dr Elizabeth Arendt receives the Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual PFF luncheon which was attended by 35 guests. In addition to the Board of Directors, corporate benefactors John Mahoney of Smith and Nephew, Michael McBrayer of DJOrtho, Vineet Sarin of Kinamed, and orthopedic leadership Allan Anderson (President of AOSSM), Philippe Neyret (President of ISAKOS), Matteo Denti (President of ESSKA), Joao Espreguiera (past president of ESSKA) and past presidents Nick Sgaglione and William Beach of AANA attended.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented to Drs Philippe Neyret and Scott Dye

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On March 27, 2015, the 2015 Patellofemoral Foundation Lifetime Achievement were presented to Drs Philippe Neyret of Lyon, France and Scott Dye of San Francisco, California, USA at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting.

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