2015-17 PFF/ISAKOS Patellofemoral Traveling fellows

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The Patellofemoral Foundation is very proud to announce the 2015-17 PFF/ISAKOS Patellofemoral Traveling fellows. Dr. Munch is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and Dr. Paschos is Fellow in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA. Dr. Jacqueline Munch, Assistant Professor at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center Dr Nikolos Paschos, MD,Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis

Patellofemoral Traveling Fellows Present at ISAKOS

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The Patellofemoral Traveling Fellows of ISAKOS and the Patellofemoral  Foundation presented a one hour patellofemoral education symposium on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 to a crowded room full of international orthopedic surgeons at the 2015 ISAKOS Congress in Lyon France.  Left to right: Geraldo Schuck (Brazil), Philip Schottle (Germany), Nicola Maffulli (England), Ryosuke Kuroda (Japan), Fredrik Almqvist (Belgium), Petri Silanpaa (Finland), Elvire Servien (France), Ashraf Abdelkafy (Egypt),  Shital Parikh (USA), Laurie Hiemstra (Canada), Nik Paschos (Greece, USA), Philip Neyret (France, President of ISAKOS), John Fulkerson (USA, President of the Patellofemoral Foundation), Jason Koh, (USA) not pictured.

2009-2010 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardees Philip Schoettle, Petri Sillanpaa and Christian Lattermann

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The aim of the Patellofemoral Travelling Fellowship is to promote better understanding and communication regarding patellofemoral pain. A stipend is provided by the Foundation to permit visits to several centres worldwide that offer opportunities to learn about the complexities of patellofemoral pain. This year four surgeons will be given the opportunity to benefit from this fellowship. Philip Schoettle from Germany, Petri Sillanpaa from Finland and Christian Lattermann from the USA will travel with Nicola Maffulli from England acting as their “godfather.”

2008 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Elvire Servien

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Traveling Fellow Elvire Servien Visits US and South Africa for Further Study As part of her traveling fellowship, Elvire Servien of Lyon, France visited three different surgeons in two countries on two different continents. Her report is provided below: In June of 2009, I went to the United States to meet Dr. John Fulkerson of Farmington, CT and Dr. Anthony Schepsis of Boston, MA. I saw different surgeries, including and MPFL procedure and Dr. Fulkerson’s osteotomy. But I also saw many patella-disorders I usually do not see in my practice. Indeed, when experiencing anterior knee pain in France, patients are referred to the physician for a rehabilitation protocol. We went to the lab with Dr. Fulkerson with his fellow and did an MPFL knee dissection on a cadaver. I also saw several antero-medialization osteotomies with a repeat of the anteromedial tibial tubercle transfer with Dr. Schepsis. The second interesting point was a very high rate of patients with previous lateral retinaculum release (two or three recurrent procedures) coming to see a “patella surgeon expert.” With Professor Schepsis, [...]

2007 PFF/ISAKOS Traveling Fellowship Awardee Dr. Christina Stukenborg-Colsman

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  Dr. Christina Stukenborg-Colsman, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Hannover, Germany, was awarded the 2007 PFF/ISAKOS Patellofemoral Travelling Fellowship a t the May 2007 ISAKOS meeting in Florence Italy. Dr. Stukenborg-Colsman visited with Dr. Fulkerson in July 2007.  The following picture shows a dissection of the MPFL and an anteromedial tibial tubercle transfer osteotomy performed on a cadaver knee during Dr. Stukenborg-Colsman's visit. Pictured: MPFL and an anteromedial tibial tubercle transfer ostemotmy performed on a cadaver knee

2006 PFF/ISAKOS Travelling Fellowship Awardee Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda

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Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda is a leading Japanese knee surgeon from Kobe, Japan. Dr. Kurosaka and manages a stem cell laboratory as well as a busy clinical practice. He is at the cutting edge of cartilage resurfacing research using stem cells. Dr. Kuroda visited Dr. Jack Farr and Dr. John Fulkerson in March of 2006 then continued his  fellowship with a visit to Dr Philippe Neyret and Dr. David Dejour in Lyon France in September of the same year. Picutured: Dr. Ryosuke Kuroda with Dr. John Fulkerson, Dr. Phillippe Neyret and Dr. David Dejour in 2006.  

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