How You Can Help!

The Patellofemoral Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization supported solely by contributions from individuals and corporations. All funds are used to support research and educational efforts that help those who suffer from anterior knee pain and instability. We welcome and appreciate all contributions. Thank you.

All contributions to The Patellofemoral Foundation are tax deductible.

Major Individual Contributors

  • Dr. Elizabeth Arendt
  • Dr. Andrew Cosgarea
  • Dr. Joao Espregueira-Mende
  • Dr. Jack Farr
  • Dr. Lutul Farrow
  • Dr. John Fulkerson
  • Dr. Daniel Green
  • Dr. Ronald Grelsamer (In Honor Of Ron’s Father, Philippe) 
  • Dr. Jason Koh
  • Dr. William Post
  • Mr. J. William Hartman
  • Hartman Newspapers
  • Alan And Joan Merchant
  • Dr. Joseph Sklar
  • The Alfred Trillat Fund (Courtesy Of Philippe Neyret And Associates)
Corporate Benefactors